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We know that you can't learn everything from a textbook. Our students gain valuable hands-on experience with plants in the field, the greenhouse and the laboratory.

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Plant Biology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Plants range from tiny microorganisms occupying the soil, air, and water to the giant trees of the forest and giant kelps of the sea. Because of this great diversity of life forms and the corresponding diversity in their habitats, there are many subdisciplines of Plant Biology organized around the organisms studied as well as the methods used to study them. And Plant Biology at SIUC can provide you great experiences in many of these.

Faculty in the Department can be thought of as occupying at least one of three nodes: Ecology, Molecular and Biochemical Physiology, and Systematics and Biodiversity. Both the undergraduate and graduate curricula can also be envisioned as being organized around these nodes. Undergraduates who do not wish to specialize may elect the General Plant Biology option. Our goal is to provide a versatile and modern curriculum, as well as great research experiences, to allow the student to tailor his or her program around particular educational needs and career goals. As shown on these web pages, our diversity provides the student with many choices!